Maintain Construction Site Safety

Construction work is an inherently dangerous occupation, and while most contractors and construction workers are aware of basic safety precautions, there are a few additional topics regarding occupational safety that should be in their toolboxes as well. Keeping a job site safe involves teaching and training everyone working on or around it to follow safety procedures, use common sense, and take action if they see anything that could be a potential hazard or that violates safety mandates. All personnel should have first aid and CPR certification. In case of an emergency, every second matters and everyone on the site should have a basic understanding of how to respond in a critical situation. Additionally, with a job that involves movement of people and materials, a defensive driving course is a great investment. Teach drivers to be proactive, not reactive. With assistance through training, compliance, education, and a keen focus on safety, everyone can stay safe on the job.

Man Welding 

OSHA or Bust!

While workplace safety is everyone's responsibility, there are a few things that general contractors in particular can do to be sure that all the appropriate guidelines are being followed in order to meet and exceed OSHA compliance. While some people shudder at the compliance requirements, the reality is that they were established to be certain that standards were followed for safety for all workers. So roll up your sleeves, buckle on your safety vests, and get compliant!

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First Aid and CPR for All

When an emergency situation arises, you don't want the only person who is certified in first aid and CPR to be out sick or taking a personal day. Even having a basic knowledge of first aid can help make a difference in a critical situation when every moment counts. An employer-sponsored first aid and CPR certification course can be a great way to be certain that help is available from any corner when the need occurs.

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